Nicol Island forms a snug harbour with the former fishing village of Rossport. Located on the north coast of Lake Superior, two hours east of Thunder Bay and in the heart of the Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area. It is accessible by causeway right next to the Trans-Canada Highway.

Some services such a dining, accommodation, kayak rentals and boat cruises are available in Rossport. Fifteen and twenty five minutes to the east, the towns of Schreiber and Terrace Bay offer shopping for food and other necessities as well as extensive healthcare facilities and golf.

Nicol Island is a private island. All of the roads, common docking areas and green spaces are owned in common by the lot owners. Costs are controlled.

The biggest reason for owning a place on Nicol Island is living in the middle of rugged ocean-like scenery. Many large adjacent islands afford safe waterways and harbours. Enjoy fishing, sailing, kayaking or just exploring. Bring your camera.

For nature enthusiasts, perfect for a day’s adventure are the earliest geology formations, fossils, pictographs, shipwrecks and a site of one of the oldest evidences of life on Earth. It is a short and interesting journey to the Battle Island Lighthouse.

Battle Island

Nicol Island Features

Nicol Island Map
  • Located in clean, well-protected Lake Superior waters
  • 80-acre private island- roads and open space owned in common
  • Accessible by causeway and roads year-round
  • Immediately adjacent to the Trans-Canada Highway
  • Serviced with electric power and telephone
  • Approved for individual water and septic systems
  • All lots may have their own docks on water.
  • Developer will arrange construction and services.


15 minutes to Schreiber
25 minutes to Terrace Bay
2 hours to Thunder Bay

Available Lots




Common Land


Nicol Island was subdivided in two stages.

Lots on 55M-430 show the suffix ‘a’

Lots on 55M-514 show the suffix ‘b’

Nicol Island Lots